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Transform Your Course Schedule Using Google Calendar

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Create a course calendar with events using Google Calendar and embed the Google Calendar in your Laulima site.


  1. Create a new calendar for one of your courses and create events (i.e. due dates for assignments, test dates, reminders, etc.)
  2. Share your calendar (make public). (Later, you can add your students’ UH email addresses to share the calendar so they see it in their Google Calendar and optionally, set up notifications.)
  3. Embed your calendar in your Laulima site.


Google Calendar is a dynamic online calendar app. You can create, view, and even share, multiple calendars all from your single account. Google Calendars also embed in websites and in Laulima too. The added benefit of a Google Calendar for your course schedule is that students can set up notifications to get reminders of your shared Google Calendar’s events (i.e. due dates) via text message, email, or pop-up. (A free step-by-step guide for students to set up notifications will be shared.)

Step 1 – Create a new calendar

  1. Log into your Google@UH account and click on the apps button at the top-right corner, and click on “Calendar”.
  2. Create a new calendar for your course. Suggestion: Title it with your course alpha, number, CRN, and semester/year. (E.g. ENG 100 (12345) SP15)

Step 2 – Add events

  1. Create events for your due dates in your Google Calendar. Suggestion: Create the events as all-day events.
  2. Optional: Create other events like reminders to bring your laptop or create scheduled events, for instance, 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM ENG 100 class. You can make it a repeating event, too, so you only have to create it once and schedule it for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, for example.

Step 3 – Embed your calendar in your Laulima site

1/27/17: It appears that Laulima no longer supports embed code of Google Calendar? Alternatively, you can insert/embed your calendar on a Google Sites page (Insert > Calendar) and use the Web Content tool in Laulima to add the link to your Google Sites page that has your calendar.

Step 4 – Share your calendar with your students

  1. Share your calendar with your students by adding their hawaii.edu accounts. For the sharing permissions, give them “See all events and details”. (Note: This will send them an email notification that you’ve shared the calendar with them so only do this step when you’re ready.)
  2. Here is a handy step-by-step guide you can make a copy of and modify for your own course calendar instructions to give to your students.
    1. Click on this link to open the doc. (You’ll need to sign into your Google@UH account to make a copy of it.)
    2. Go to File > Make a copy. (Making a copy will give you your own copy of the doc and allow you to edit it as desired.
    3. Rename your doc as desired.
    4. Edit the contents of the doc as desired.
    5. Click on the blue “Share” button to change the sharing to “Anyone with link can view”.
    6. Copy the link of the doc to share with your students either via email, post on your website, post in Laulima, etc.



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