I have a personal space dedicated to MOOCs…

I have a personal space dedicated to MOOCs in wordpress, which I have been using to follow up some MOOCs – idabrandaomooc.wordpress.com. I’ve created a webpage for this MOOC – http://idabrandaomooc.wordpress.com/how-to-teach-online/

At present, I’ve enrolled in MOODLE MOOC, the plaform I use for professional reasons and in a MOOC on Disability promoted by the Northern Illinois University, since I work on ICT and assistive technology for special needs.

I don’t have the habit to enroll in so many courses at the same time, to avoid dispersion, but these ones were very tempting and seemed very useful. So I’m taking the risk not to be fully dedicated to this course but taking whatever I can learn.

I’ll use a Prezi to introduce myself – http://prezi.com/oc9nygvkceaj/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

I have very little experience as a tutor of online courses. I run a virtual community of teachers in Moodle and have acted as a facilitator to validate an online course on inclusion and technology last year. This year I wish to validate a module on Accessible OER and the approach will be the same – a formative one, with activities per topic, peer-based, eportfolio for certification.

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