I hope next webinars will be more interesting…

I hope next webinars will be more interesting than those of this week. I think that they are too extensive and boring (my black hat). What was told in this first presentation could be reduced to a max. 15min long screencast. As for the blogging tools you get short tutorials in Youtube that are much more efficient to get you to the objective.

So far I think the Google+ community has been more interesting.
I’ve also twitted but I’m not a fan. I prefer the forum approach to discussion. So, this community wall works better for me as well as my webpage.

I think that the newsletter-email is a good reminder to keep people alert and engaged.

6 thoughts on “I hope next webinars will be more interesting…

  1. I think part of the challenge here is a delivery suitable for the wide range of experiences in the students. Maybe the lowest common denominator is the safest approach when starting out. I often use that when teaching the mechanics of blogging, creating Google Sites, video editing, camera use, anything really, with an apology to more advanced users. I realize it can bore them to death. Not sure the solution, I don’t teach long courses.

  2. I think the main point here is that learning is not an assembly line where everyone travels down the same path and gets implanted with the same knowledge. In this MOOC you get to pick and chose what you want to learn according to YOUR own goals.

    If you already have the skills presented in the webinar, GREAT! You can skip through the recording or choose not to watch it. It’s your choice. If you can find better YouTube videos to help you get started, GREAT! I just hope you will share them with us.

    • Yes, share us the links of the good YouTube videos! Maybe the top two….there are so many and I am such a novice that I don’t know which ones are good…..

  3. I understand that MOOCs have a wide variety of participants and that each one may have different perspectives and opinions – what suits me may not suit someone else. So, what I’ve expressed is just my opinion. But as time is short, frustration comes when you feel you have wasted it with things with little interest.
    As for Edublogs one has its support channel in Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/user/edublogssupport and many short tutorials on Edublogs from other people, just an example – http://youtu.be/3FIk653lvkk
    I used to have an edublog as a repository of Special Needs, Disability, Assistive Technology Blogs – http://idabrandao.edublogs.org/ but I decided to update it in Blogger – http://eduespecialblogs.blogspot.pt/
    Among Blog tools I’ve tried, Blogger is the one I prefer, it’s quicker and efficient.
    I’m using WordPress as my MOOC Space but I should have it in Blogger. The fact is that I used to have it in Posterous which has been bought by Twitter and closed down. It made me very angry, because though the tools are free, the content is ours and should be respected. At least it should remain available even if the service is discontinued. As I was curious to try WordPress I transferred what I had in Posterous.

  4. If someone is interested to explore Pow Toon perhaps one should start by thinking about the script first as this tutorial suggests – http://youtu.be/ilBykb3hOk8 . I think that one should start always to work on a storyboard before producing video / animation…Sometimes one rushes to have some product ready and doesn’t put so much time to prepare it and structure it as one should (I speak for myself)…

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