I find that links are friendly invitations Posting…

I find that links are friendly invitations. Posting the URL’s or links to tools that you all are using is helpful.

I’d like to get used to using other tools for online teaching. I attend business webinars frequently and have used Blackboard for an online Hawaiian Olelo class. I can easily attend, but I haven’t administered any one tool.

One thought on “I find that links are friendly invitations Posting…

  1. Links are great, but can sometimes lead you far, far off the subject you originally intended to research. My husband and I call this the YouTube Spiral of Shame. It is where someone sends you the link to a video and you become taunted by whatever is recommended on the side. Suddenly you go from watching something meaningful to watching a cat flushing the toilet and before you know it you have piddled away your Saturday. I find the same is true of blogs and links I follow from LinkedIn. Best of luck!

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