Online Lectures using Camtasia

Online Lectures using Camtasia

So I teach an online Human Geography course for HPU, and lately I have been using Camtasia 2 to record PowerPoint-based lectures with video accompaniment. Since the class is asynchronous, I find this is a good way to provide my students with a classroom-type setting. While I have taught the course for two years now, this is the first semester I have added lectures. It’s time consuming now, but I figure I can reuse them in future semesters. More…

Has anyone else used a similar tool? How have your students responded?

Not sure if my edublog is showing up, so here it is again. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Nice work with Camtasia! We have been using Presenter 7 to convert PPT into self running presentations and have just discovered in the new version 8 we can add video the same way it is presented in your layout so we are eagerly awaiting our upgrade. We also have Adobe Connect webconferencing and can record presentations in it too. For short how to’s and other help we often use Screenr ( but you have a time limit of 5 mins which can sometimes be a huge plus given attention spans – mine included.

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