I don’t think that there are magic formulas…

I don’t think that there are magic formulas that may apply to online teaching-learning. I believe that it depends on the context and target public.
As I deal with adult and professional people (teachers), they are peers with whom I exchange ideas and share whatever I find of interest to them in the scope of my Moodle community. In a situation of training I like very open and free approaches, giving room for choice. I think that an outline of the course is important and some kind of organization intelligible for everyone. The best way to learn is to discuss and produce, so activities are important to put «hands-on», to create, to synthetise, to have critical views.
I have engaged in some MOOCs and they all were/are different. I like diversity. I’ve engaged more deeply in some for circumstancial reasons, but I’ve enrolled in each one of them because I was motivated by the themes addressed. Contents are no longer so important since we have access to a lot of information in the Internet, but discussion and exchange with peers from all over the world and the opportunity to share one’s own experiences is enriching. The production of artifacts is also important to me, to experiment new tools and organize ideas.

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  1. Choices, diversity, freedom to explore and engage with what we are interested in and who we find interest in learning from and discussing with. Exactly! 🙂

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