Short mid week reflection Create a sense making…

Short mid-week reflection – Create a sense-making artifact:

As I started participating in this workshop’s discussions, I had to remind myself what I tell my students each semester: It’s not enough to know how to grow a blog, to pick a topic and keep contributing to one’s blog. We must also be aware of the virtual classroom community in which we are learning. Blogging is not about choosing a topic and writing responses for the rest of the term. It is about meaningful, thoughtful engagement with ideas.

I find that for so many of my students online discussions & blogging often becomes a race to publish, to write entries and receive comments. (Most of them measure the success of their blog by the number of comments they receive, and the content of the comment is often not as important as the mere fact that it is there). They rarely look critically at their own writing, preferring instead to judge their own work by the traffic that it attracts to their blog.

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