This is embarrassing so just close your eyes…

This is embarrassing, so just close your eyes and forget you read it if you think it is too hopeless. Still, after reading the definitions and examples over and over and over again, I do not feel that I really know what an “artifact” is. Somehow all the instructions I read online are just not sinking into my head. Can someone define an artifact in a “artifacts for dummies” way?
The best I can come up with is it is taking something that already exists (picture, post, whatever) and pulling it, analyzing it, and altering it to fit my educational purposes?

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  1. You are not alone. I feel like I’ve been trying to figure this out for far too long! I think you are absolutely correct about it being some kind of article, picture, video etc and then re-posting it. I keep getting caught up on the details…are we meant to literally just attach it to this wall and then discuss how it helped us? Are we meant to choose something from this site or should we go find our own?

  2. Artifacts can be basically anything; a blog post, an image, a video, a podcast, etc.

    Artifacts serve two roles:

    1. They reflect the sensemaking activity that the individual has experienced – how she connected different concepts within a course or how she came to understand the relationship between different entities.

    2. They are a sensegiving tool. When learners are transparent in their learning through the production and sharing of artifacts, they teach others.

    Sensemaking artifacts

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