@AZB Great PowToon Thank you for taking the…


Great PowToon, Thank you for taking the time to put that artifact together.

I have also wondered how to take this Massive concept of the MOOCs and integrate it into a traditional education atmosphere. One item that I picked up this week is that MOOCs should have learning objectives. That makes sense, just like any other course. Once you have a learning objective I suppose you can come up with rubric to assess an artifact. Which can then be tied into a traditional grade system?

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  1. Yes, so here’s the thing I’m grappling with. In education we are pressed to add objectives, assessments, etc and this is how we organize and make sense of what we are trying to teach and what we want students to learn. But if we apply this to MOOCs – particularly the cMOOCs like this one – do we loose the essence of what this approach is all about? In other words, would we just be applying our old practices – kind of like what a lot of the xMOOCs are doing [and to clarify I am not totally against xMOOCs and think they have a place] – instead of using this approach to explore and discover new ways of teaching and learning? Don’t know the answer, just trying to make sense of it all.

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