Week 2 (September 16 – 22)

Objective: Decide how you will “build rapport” with your distance learners.

Aloha and welcome to Week 2- Connect with your learnersPlease begin by reviewing the resources on how to connect with your learners.  Choose and explore topics that meet your needs and interests. Topics:

  • What the Best College Teachers Do.
  • Close the “distance” gap and build rapport.
  • What the Best Online Teachers Should Do
  • Five factors for building rapport.

Activities & WebinarPick and choose what you will do this week.

Webinar Sessions (all sessions will be recorded)

  1. Use Human Touch to Engage Online Students. By Dr. John Thompson. Full recording (opens in Blackboard Collaborate). Video recording
  2. So how do teachers close the “distance” gap and build rapport? By Dr. Melissa Kaulbach. Prezi PresentationFull recording (opens in Blackboard Collaborate). Video recording
  3. The Art of Blogging: How to Connect, Interact, and Build Rapport with your StudentsFull recording (opens in Blackboard Collaborate)
  4. Principles of Effective Online Teaching: Best Practices in Distance Education. By Dr. Larry Ragan.Full recording (opens in Blackboard Collaborate). Video recording.
  5. Weekly RoundupPresentation slides (PDF)Full recording (opens in Blackboard Collaborate). Video recording

How to Teach Online Flipboard Magazine

Here is a magazine view the blog posts for How to Teach online. Flipboard works great on iPad’s and android devices. You’ll need to install the app first.  http://flip.it/SVHIe

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