Week 3 (September 23 – 29)

Objective this week: Decide how you will “build community” in your online courses.

Aloha and welcome to Week 3– Create a Community: Connect learners with each other. Please begin by reviewing the resources on how to connect learners with each other.  Choose and explore topics that meet your needs and interests. Topics:

  • Interaction: the keystone of contemporary education.
  • Community of Inquiry
    • Building An Online Learning Community
    • The Community of Inquiry theoretical framework
    • Critical Inquiry in a Text-Based Environment: Computer Conferencing in Higher Education
  • Creating Interactive Discussions
    • Why should I use a discussion board?
    • The Discussion Board Book
  • Blogs
    • How to use blogs for learning and teaching
    • Using a blog to create and support a Community of Inquiry in Secondary Education

Week 3 Activities & Webinars. Pick and choose what you will do this week.

Webinar Sessions (all sessions will be recorded)

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