A few more reflections on teamwork and team…

A few more reflections on teamwork and team roles in my last post http://idabrandaomooc.wordpress.com/how-to-teach-online/

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  1. Hi Ida,

    I enjoyed reading your post. You pointed out a very important point: the success of teams in working together involves some knowing each other process. In the online environment it is difficult to have groups that have worked together in the past, so we have to help create a cohesive groups through ice-breakers, introductions, and maybe some live interaction. The one thing I will be stealing from your post is the roles in a team and their function. I would like and see if this can be applied in the online environment by either let them figure out their roles or assigning the roles. That would be interesting.



    • Dear Julio,

      As I have referred I think that teamwork, both F2F and online, requires extra effort, to articulate with others and taking extra time. People usually prefer individual work because it’s more independent and better controled, particularly in online settings. However, I think that teamwork can be more fulfilling, getting to an enriched output and a sense of group achievement.

      I have felt it as a student and as a tutor. As a student I can’t say I’ve had bad experiences. I think that people are engaged to attain a certain objective in due time and make the effort. The important is that someone takes the lead to propose some kind of internal organization and tasks are distributed. and listen to each others’ opinions. Sometimes the roles are not totally distributed or at a moment someone takes a role and in a next situation may take another, the important is to keep the balance, to include evryone. Once that is settled, it’s a matter of get going with the work. I’ve used videoconference sessions for discussions (Hangout, Big Blue Button, WizIQ…) and I’ve used wiki (PBWorks) for many group works. To find free tools to work is no problem. The real issue is about agreement and organization.

      As a tutor I think it’s important to push for teamwork, it certainly brings together people in a closer way. I don’t like quizzes and closed questions. I like discussions, reflections, essays, critical articles, presentations and other artifacts. I think that peer review and self assessment can be a good approach. And I usually ask for individual eportfolios, at the beginning of the courses, a blog or a webpage, whatever the participants want to use, as long as they keep it updated with the assignments and reflections. If you keep registering your impressions and your work along a course, when you get to its end you can go back and have a feeling of accomplishment. It’s also a way to get some discipline and review each week. It’s also a way to discipline oneself.

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