Re your questions We have passed the midway…

Re your questions: We have passed the midway point of the course. Two questions for you this week.

1. First, are you interested in continuing this online community? Yes

2. Second, if so, what would that community look like? In other words, what are your suggestions to build an active online community?

Questions seem to be a natural focus in communities. The only threaded forums we have are our blogs. Perhaps individuals could pose questions in their blogs, which would be echoed here on the TOMOOC wall, and the rest of us could log in to reply. Also, if we could all set our blogs for anonymous comments and instant approval, maybe more would reply. Or maybe I’m the only one who is stynied by login requirements before posting and delays for comment approval.

This could also be good practice in creating questions that generate deep thought responses instead of competition for correct answers.

Perhaps the basic groundrule could be that there’s no dumb question.

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