Week 6 Self Reflection

Week 6 is for self-reflection. If you chose to earn a Letter of Completion and Badge, you will need to complete a SELF-REFLECTION , on how you will apply what you learned.  Take your time. You have the entire week to reflect. Your goal is to create a plan that describes specifically how  you will apply the weekly topics to your online teaching.  You will have a specific plan for teaching online that includes;
  1. How you will apply the “fundamentals of online teaching” in your own teaching.
  2. How you will “build rapport” with your distance learners.
  3. How you will “build rapport” with your distance learners.
  4. How you will create a “natural critical learning environment” in your online courses.
  5. How you will create an  “active, authentic learning environments” in your online courses
Earn a Letter of Completion and Badge (Active Participants and Community Contributors)
To receive a Letter of Completion and Badge each participant must submit a SELF-REFLECTION 


We will begin processing the Letters of Completion and Badges during Week 7, (October 21st- October 25th).

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