Teach the Web: The Web Literacy Standard for You & Your Students

The Web Literacy Standard is a map of competencies and skills that Mozilla and our community of stakeholders believe are important to pay attention to when getting better at reading, writing and participating on the web. Keep up to date with the latest changes to the Web Literacy Standard on the wiki.


 Mozilla has  creative ways to help anyone teach web literacy, digital skills and making. Use our free tools, activities and lesson plans. Or make your own – with help from our global community of educators, techies and mentors like you. Webmaker —is  a Mozilla project dedicated to helping you create something amazing on the web. Our toolsevents and teaching guides allow webmakers to not only create the content that makes the web great, but — perhaps more importantly — understand how the web works. With this knowledge, we can make a web without limits. That’s the philosophy behind webmaker.org. We’ve built everything so you can see how it works, take it apart and remix it.


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