Our attention spans are not very long maybe…

Our attention spans are not very long…maybe 20-40 minutes in front of a computer screen is all we can handle? We all are busy people, so sitting for two hours in front of a webinar can be daunting.
Also, web content should not be long and tedious. I learned in web design that paragraphs should be brief with lots of white spaces to rest the eyes.
Shouldn’t all this pertain to an online class as well?

I find that links are friendly invitations Posting…

I find that links are friendly invitations. Posting the URL’s or links to tools that you all are using is helpful.

I’d like to get used to using other tools for online teaching. I attend business webinars frequently and have used Blackboard for an online Hawaiian Olelo class. I can easily attend, but I haven’t administered any one tool.


I’m here, but it took me about 30 minutes to find my way. Too many directions to follow, so little time. I suppose that’s why we have the whole week to do it. Hooray for that.
Glad to be here, though.
I maintained online employment overseas while completing my Masters Program in the tail end of the 20th century. I believe online teaching is the way to go.