Here is an article published by Oregon State…

Here is an article published by Oregon State University about Active Teaching:

You may or may not feel the need to read it- None of the information is particularly innovative, but the article does support the idea that the best way to learn is through doing and/or teaching/speaking.

It’s one article I am considering using as I am developing an online Children’s Theatre course for education majors that I will be teaching in the spring. Anyway, needless to say, the particular course is on my mind as it is the most pressing reason I am in this MOOC. I need to teach this course and I feel strongly about the benefits it can offer the students, but it is a class that is on the border of being suitable for the online format and I have my reservations as I embark on adapting it.

So, I find myself sitting here planning a course that is almost completely dedicated to teaching teachers how to develop truly innovative and active lesson plans in core subject areas. I’ve had a difficult time getting started on this online course in particular because it is an active, project-based class and I’m having a difficult time figuring out how to get it online. I was thinking that if I create videos of my “lecture” and activity demonstrations, that would provide some kind of human interaction. It’s just hit me, though, that the small amount of planning I have done so far was relying on a delivery style that is in complete opposition to the ideas I teach. So here is my problem. When I teach this class F2F, most of the learning should come from the students observing the way I teach and being able to isolate the methodology and transfer it to their topic area (in a K-12 classroom.) I suppose this is why I haven’t gotten very far in developing the course at this point….transferring the class to an online format presents some significant challenges. I do feel, though, that the tiny bit of information I’ve found here has helped me put into words my concerns over how to transfer the class.

In watching a handful of the videos here and in reading through the nine steps, I think my first step needs to be changing the way I view the necessary interaction in the course and feeling more free to establish adapted course objectives. I think I need to refocus myself so that the interaction I am encouraging is interaction with the material rather than with the instructor. I suppose this could end up being a benefit of the online format…rather than the natural tendency to mimic techniques modeled by the instructor, students will need to develop their own from the start… now to figure out how to make that possible for students who do not yet have any acquaintance with the material!

I think this panic is a good sign…one week of “class” and I’ve already realized most of my assumptions about transferring a F2F class to online are inherently incorrect! Here’s to the next five weeks helping me work past the panic stage as I find some clarity!