MOOC The Future of Storytelling

A new MOOC on The Future of Storytelling is about to start on the 25th October 2013, by the Univ. Potsdam –

What to Expect

Together with a whole network of media researchers, creators and students we will:
- learn storytelling basics such as antagonist/protagonist relationships, narrative/narrated time, …
- have a look at exciting current media projects
- analyze how they are designed and executed based on aforementioned basics
- and discuss how (and if) new online tools and formats change the way stories are told and perceived.

The 8-chapter course starts on October 25th, 2013 and ends on December 20th, 2013.

MOOC Digital Tools for the K-12 Educator

A new MOOC on Web tools for schools has started on the 7th October

Course Outcomes

    1. Explore different online tools that can be incorporated in the K-12 classroom
    2. Examine the uses of the online tools for both teacher-led and student driven activities
    3. Identify good practices for implementing tools in the classroom

Twitter hashtag- #k12mooc  and a Facebook Group

Introduction video

By: idabrandao

The world of Internet makes people closer. In many aspects we share the same interests and concerns in some cases contexts are much different, but no doubt it’s a chance to learn from each other.
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MOOCs in September 2013

I’ve enrolled in 3 MOOCs this month:

MOODLE MOOC (Australia)



I have created in this MOOC space 3 new webpages dedicated to each of them, therefore I’ll devote my time to update these webpages during this month.

Stephen Downes newsletter keeps me updated with connectivist MOOCs –

MOOCs’ directory

A directory of MOOCs run by AboutEdu –
«Regardless of your personal opinion on the value of these Massive Open Online Courses, the current reality for many low income, and underserved student populations in the US, and globally is that these free open courses from some of the world’s leading experts is a partial win of the “Educational Access Lottery”. »

Ida Brandão Space for MOOCs 2013-08-20 08:11:03

An interesting article about open content, MOOCs and respective promoters –

“It’s very important for people to realize the ‘open’ in MOOCs is open enrollment – it’s nothing about the content at all. It just means anybody can take that course. Most MOOCs use proprietary content. They use proprietary textbooks or proprietary lecture notes. There’s nothing mandated about open access.”