Hello Everyone Since I seem to be having…

Hello Everyone,

Since I seem to be having trouble connecting my blog, I will post here instead. My name is Sara and I am the Online Coordinator at Allen Community College. While I am not currently teaching online, I have in the past and have enjoyed it. I am hoping that this course will provide me with some ideas that I can use should I teach online again in the future. In the meantime, I hope to take what I learn here and share it with the teachers I work with so that they can in turn improve their online courses.

In addition to gaining new ideas, I am interested in learning more about the MOOC experience. This is certainly a learning experience. This is my first MOOC and honestly right now it’s a little intimidating. I’m learning so much already as I have not previously blogged, used Twitter, or Google + before. Please forgive me for any slip-ups as I stumble my way through this. My blog address is: http://saradreisbach.edublogs.org.

The important issue I hope to see addressed is student engagement. It becomes difficult to get students to open up and be trusting in an online environment, but without doing so, they don’t seem to become fully engaged in the class. I hope to contribute by bringing unique insights and a wealth of experience to this course. I hope that by working together we can form a team and even maybe some long term working relationships that can help each of us.