http sineadyism edublogs org so much to learn… so much to learn, so much to reflect upon, this groundbreaking work makes me truly consider what is at the heart of education, for people and their authentic selves. Thank you so much for access to such incredible resources and learnings … anyone know when this community wal will close so I can make a note of all the resources ? x with gratitude x

Here s an update from my blog for…

Here s an update from my blog for the course, still catching up for week four but have been inspired to change my main blog through all the learning on this course and have a load of new followers so am heartened that I am making progress in this brave new virtual world of learning ! Thank you for your oh-so-generous course.

ALOHA from rainy London My new blog is…

ALOHA from rainy London!

My new blog is in a POEM..

Taking into account the postings on the community wall about short attention spans and since I often think in lyrics and colour.

Please enjoy and thank you once again for a great week of materials from all participants and Tutors.