I work at a library that specializes in audio visual collections…

I work at a library that specializes in audio visual collections so for Banned Books Week we are playing the film adaptations of previously banned/challenged books. We’re popping popcorn to accompany the movie and Lord of the Rings has even drawn a small crowd. Of course none of this would be possible without the help from my library’s amazing staff and students. Heart. Swoon. 

We did another “Beautification Day” at my library…

We did another “Beautification Day” at my library and this time we installed new white boards but not the ridiculously over priced $400 whiteboards. We found coated, pressed board for $13 at the local hardware store. We installed it and it works great! (We still have to put the frame on it). For $13 and a little elbow grease we can afford to change out the boards when they get too stained to use. As it stands, the $400 whiteboards don’t last nearly long enough anyhow. DIY library at its finest:)

Martin Luther King’s ‘Dream’ Speech Can Be Heard In Full Today

Martin Luther King's 'Dream' Speech Can Be Heard In Full Today:



Here’s your rare chance to  hear Martin Luther King’s iconic speech in full.

ala-con: A librarian’s worth This great infographic, created…


A librarian’s worth

This great infographic, created by Masters in Education and ObizMedia, gives a lot of new light on the role of libraries and librarians, as it changes a reference point totally. What if we compared libraries to Amazon?

Each day in US public libraries more items are circulated than on Amazon. Public library cardholders outnumber registered Amazon customers by, take your breath, five to one!

What’s more, librarians answer about 7.2 million questions weekly. What would we do without librarians? There is only one answer to this question: nothing.

Student Library Ambassadors Blog

Student Library Ambassadors Blog:


 One of my work goals this year is to develop and pilot a student library ambassador program in our res halls similar to Katherin Peter’s work at USC [ read her ACRL presentation here.]

Well, it seems like I’m not the only one who has student ambassadors on the brain this summer because this blog was recently created and shared on an ALA listserv. There are some really great ideas shared on this site so I recommend checking it out if you are considering such a program yourself!

Such a great idea! What a great way to engage students and get the library out there!

Running our public libraries like a business

Running our public libraries like a business:

The blog post may be from 2010 but the ideas are more relevant than ever.  Now, how can I get my academic library to agree? The way I see it, at academic libraries we are competing for the attention of the students. Students today have so many options, how can we get them to choose us? We have to start engaging our students more.

thegirlwhoisthursday: hiringlibrarians: Reminder: Interview…



Reminder: Interview Questions Repository

Have you been on a library interview recently?  Or are you prepping for one?

Sounds like you could…

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Great resource for interview preparation!

A good column to add to that repository spreadsheet, whether the people interviewed were hired :) 

ala-con: vintagelibraries: One of a series of library…



One of a series of library education posters designed by Peabody Visual Aids in the 1930s and 1940s, which I salvaged from a throw-away pile at my library school in 2003. These were created under the supervision of visionary librarian Ruby Ethel Cundiff.

From: BiblioVox

Throwback Thursday! Vintage library education poster!

love this!