Resistance really is futile – only our eMedia Center could get me to blog

Hi everyone, my name is Tracie Losch and I want learn more about facilitating interaction online.  Online classes can be so impersonal, how do we make it more personal for students while maintaining the integrity of the course content?

One of the issues I am experiencing is too many different options for interaction with students [I needed to get a special APP just to keep the passwords straight].  Is there a way to connect all these things so I donʻt have to re-type the same comment X times?

Another issue I come across is that students donʻt always have access to these tools, or know how to use them.  Thus, I have to take time out of instruction to teach them the technical aspects.

Best and Worst

I remember teachers who seemed genuinely interested in my educational well-being and challenged me to work hard and that I could trust.  Based on my observations:

  1. DO make sure students know what is expected of them
  2. DO admit it if you don’t know something
  3. DO be firm yet compassionate when necessary
  4. DO have a sense of humor
  1. DON’T surprise students (warn them that you will be giving pop quizzes sometime…during the semester)
  2. DON’T quote dismal passing rates
  3. DON’T lose your sense of humor
  4. DON’T forget what is was like to be a student

I find this kind of blogging scary, knowing that everyone will be reading my thoughts, evaluating and yes, even judging is nerve-wracking.  I resisted Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media APPs so far.  I hope that this experience will help me work through those fears – who knows, soon you wonʻt be able to shut me up.

I have been teaching online for 3 years and can also share some of my experiences and hope they can help others.