Create your specific plan for teaching online!

How To Teach Online” is a MOOC that takes a broad view of teaching online. Whether you are new to online teaching or want to improve your craft of teaching, “How To Teach Online” is a great place to share, connect, and learn from others around the world.

How To Teach Online (#tomooc) is designed to help you learn to engage in an online learning community. Online learning communities develop through interaction among participants. Acknowledging, valuing, respecting and accommodating diversity as a combination of similarities and differences plays a central role in fostering and maintaining online learning communities.

You will learn how to read or watch, understand, and work with various forms of content, and other people, to create your own new understanding and knowledge. Your job isn’t to memorize a whole bunch of stuff. Rather, your job is to practice and use different tools to create artifacts. We will show you by giving examples. Watch what we do, then practice yourself.

What can you takeaway from this course? You can choose to earn a Letter of Completion and a Badge. To receive a Letter of Completion and Badge each participant must submit a SELF-REFLECTION of their contributions.

If you choose to earn a Letter of Completion, during the week you will absorb content, create sense making artifacts and receive feedback . Your goal is to create a plan that describes specifically how  you will apply the weekly topics to your online teaching. By the end of this course you will have a specific plan for teaching online that includes;

  1. How you will apply the “fundamentals of online teaching” in your own teaching.
  2. How you will “build rapport” with your distance learners.
  3. How you will “build rapport” with your distance learners.
  4. How you will create a “natural critical learning environment” in your online courses.
  5. How you will create an  “active, authentic learning environments” in your online courses.

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