How to Post to the “Community Wall”

Step 1: Go to How to Teach Online. This is our “Community Wall” for interaction, which will also aggregate personal posts individual blogs. If you do not want to use a blog you can post directly to the Community Wall.

Step 2: Click on “Log in” at the top left corner.







Step 3: Your username and password will be the email address – BEFORE THE @ SIGN- you provided when you registered.


  • email address:
  • username and password: gregaloha


Step 4: Once you’re logged in, you will be in your Dashboard. This is where you can change your password, update your name, and upload an avatar/picture. Click on the Update Profile button to save. (You only have to do this once.)

Step 5: In the horizontal grey bar at the top, click on “How to Teach Online” to visit the community wall site.






Step 6: Now that you’ve logged in, you will see a box where you can post a message. This is where you’ll be posting to the “community wall”  Type your message in the box, and tag it with the current week so we can organize the posts


Then, click on the Post it button.

Step 7: To reply to someone’s posting on the “community wall,” click on the Reply link at the top-right corner of their message. Type your message in the box and click the Reply button. It will thread your message by indenting your reply underneath their post.

 Step 8: To log out, hover your mouse over your name in the top right corner and click Log out.

3 thoughts on “How to Post to the “Community Wall”

  1. I am interested in adding more video content to my classes, both traditional classes and online. I use clips from YouTube and other similar sites in my traditional classes now. I user the clips as supplemental to my presentations. however, I notice that instead of just being a supplemental teaching aid in classrooms, it has become instrumental to cutting edge trends in higher education today, including personalized education, flipped instruction and MOOCs, like ours.
    One thing I am hoping to learn is more about the role video currently plays in the classroom, as well as how this medium will affect the future of classroom instruction.

    I will look around the net to get more details on: 1) Strategies and technologies that you can use to for video created on your campus (is there an LCC class on this topic?), 2) Case studies from universities that have already deployed new technologies in video capture and management, and
    3) Ways to transform existing courses into interactive personalized learning environments.

    I’ll see you online! Bernie McPherson

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