Key Contributors

The following are some of the key organizers, developers, and facilitators of How to Teach Online.

Brent Hirata

Educational Technologist and Assistant Professor CC at Leeward Community College

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Rachael Inake

Educational Technologist and Instructor CC at Leeward Community College

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Leanne Riseley

Educational Media Center Coordinator and Professor CC at Leeward Community College

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Greg Walker

Distance Education Coordinator, Educational Technologist, and Assistant Professor CC at Leeward Community College

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Sue Waters

Sue Waters an Australian based in Perth, is married with two kids. While her work as an aquaculture lecturer earned her the coolest job title, her passion is the use of technology to enhance student learning. Sue’s technology use has changed considerably since she was first introduced to it’s potential in 2000; from a LMS (WebCT) to Virtual Classrooms (Elluminate), mobile technologies (spyglasses, PDAs, iPods) and Web 2.0 (blogs, wikis etc).

Her passion has led to a transition from aquaculture lecturer, to facilitating professional development workshops on elearning and web 2.0 technologies, to her current role writing on The Edublogger and as Edublogs‘ Support Manager. Sue’s personal blog is also well known and as a blogger she  stands for — practical application of technologies in education, and most importantly HELPING OTHERS learn how to use these technologies.



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