Levels of Participation

Levels of Participation

Participation in this workshop will focus around regular posting to your blog, or posting on the workshop blog, as well as commenting on the blogs of others in this workshop. We cannot stress strongly enough how essential both blogging and commenting are to your success.

The Four Learner Archetypes

Learners have different goals when they participating in an open workshop.  , has looked at different massive open online course (MOOC) and from different emerging patterns of behavior he determined four different learner Archetypes. 

  • Lurkers – The majority of learners. People enroll but just observe or sample a few items at the most. Many do not get beyond registering or maybe watching part of a video.
  • Passive Participants – Traditional education learners who view a course as content to consume. These students typically consume content by themselves and tend to not participate in activities or discussions.
  • Drop-Ins – Learners who become partially or fully active participants for a select topic , but do not attempt to complete the entire workshop.
  • Active Participants – Learners who intend to fully participate. They consuming content and participate and reflect in activities and in discussions.
  • Community Contributors-are also active participants but their specific means of interaction is connecting with others by generating of new content.

Participate as you desire (Lurkers, Passive Participants and Drop-Ins)
Start and finish at any time, working through the workshop at a pace that fits your needs. Recommended weekly activities are offered, but participants can engage in the course at any level that their schedule or interests permit. Participants WILL NOT receive a Letter of Completion or Badge.

Earn a Letter of Completion and Badge (Active Participants and Community Contributors)
To receive a Letter of Completion and Badge each participant must submit a SELF-REFLECTION .
Self-Reflection Questions
  1. How will you apply the “fundamentals of online teaching” in your own teaching?
  2. How will you “build rapport” with your distance learners?
  3. How will you “build community” in your online courses?
  4. How will you create a “natural critical learning environment” in your online courses?
  5. How will you create “active, authentic learning environments” in your online courses?

3 thoughts on “Levels of Participation

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  2. I have created two blogs, I think. One on blogger, which I don’t see anywhere in the links, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I also created one in Edublogs, but I’ll probably delete that one, because I can’t figure out how to do ANYTHING on that site – none of the links seem to work!!! Can this course by done successfully from a Mac using Safari?
    I am a successful Internet entrepreneur, using Joomla for my business, but I can’t figure out how to do anything that this course requires. I wanted to participate as much as I could and maybe get a certificate, but I’m so frustrated that nothing of mine is showing up anywhere, and I don’t know how to share the blog, because I don’t have any of your emails to share with.
    Mary Alice Murphy

  3. I was just wondering how long it would take after we complete our self-reflection before we hear back about earning our letter or badge. Also, how will we hear if we in fact did earn a letter or badge; will it be in the form of an email? Or will it come through snail mail? Thanks — I have really enjoyed this experience.

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