Getting started

Getting started with "How to Teach Online" with the University of Hawai'i.

About Me
I recently completed my PhD in Oceanography at the University of Hawai'i, Manoa.  I have a few years of classroom teaching experience, with the majority of my online classroom experience occurring as an undergraduate student.

Why This Workshop?
I enrolled in the "How to Teach Online" course because I am interested in developing my skills as an online instructor.  I am specifically interested in learning how to best design MOOCs, however, I would also like to become familiar with the techniques used by a variety of online instructors.

I know that there is a lot of resistance among faculty surrounding the quality of online courses, and I hope by becoming more versed in online education I will be able to build successful online courses in the future.

Overcoming Challenges
I have two main concerns with the workshop:
1) Making time to complete the work
- Just like everyone else, I have numerous, more pressing, commitments.  I plan to schedule blocks of time to devote the course so that I can both develop my teaching ability and contribute to our online community.
2) This is my first blog
- Like many of my fellow students, there will be some technology learning that needs to take place.

Better late than never? Week 0.

It has been 3 years since I finished my Ed Tech degree. Since that time I have been an administrator with limited chance to use what I had learned. I have no passion for being a principal, so I am looking around for the right opportunity as an online instructor, Instructional Designer, or as an Integration Specialist.
My intentions with this MOOC are to refresh those rusty skills and learn new ones. It is amazing how fast things have changed! Change itself is an issue I find important. Are things changing just because they can? Because it is expected? Or, is it a true improvement?
Coming from the k-12 world I understand another important issue is student safety. What should students have access to? What should be limited? In my part of rural Arizona parents and schools are concerned with blogging, students and teachers having too much contact in online situations. Just to mention a few.
I have a goal to contribute regularly and with great wisdom. We shall see, on both counts.
I have not been very involved with blogging, or networking with others in the e-learning field for that matter. I hope that will change, and I can become more comfortable and involved in the community and with other participants.
I have a goal to not be part of the 90% who don’t participate actively, but if I am I hope to learn quite a bit from the other 10%.

Hello my name is @LeeBogner and I’m looking forward to taking #TOMOOC new online course how to teach online

My name is Lee Bogner, I am an adjunct professor of information systems and business analytics at Hofstra University in NY USA, where I teach Introduction to ECommerce as an online distance learning course.

I’ve been a CIO (chief information officer) and Digital Technologist at retail, media and tech companies where I’ve created and delivered online training, communications and community since 1996.

My intention is to learn from this course and my classmates to better my online instruction, and specifically by experiential and participative learning, and using best practices. Also I like to meet, and collaborate with, like-minded people from around the world. I believe engagement and participation are crucial to help remove the “distance” from distance learning.

I will contribute by communicating and collaborating with the class (people) as well as share learnings from my University online course which I just pushed live on Sept. 3. I would like to see “this” community develop naturally, perhaps with some “thought seeding” by the facilitators. I plan to participate and due to my background I see limited technical obstacles and I am open to assisting classmates and facilitators if and when needed.

I look forward to meeting you all!

Thank you!


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