Regarding the modalities of distance learning blended or…

Regarding the modalities of distance learning, blended or e-Learning, I’m an advocate of e-Learning for myself, at this stage of my life. I think that for most professional people who have a traditional job (fixed time and place) the best way to accomodate things is online learning. Access to the Internet has progressed and nowadays a lot more people have that chice. There’s a prevalence of english spoken countries offer of online courses and MOOCs, but in time I believe universities from all countries will join the movement. In Europe an Open Initiative was launched to disseminate MOOCs – .
The Open University of Portugal has launched his first MOOC on Climate Changes this year and I think it was quite successful –

I created this Open Diigo group called AboutMOOCs. I've been linking in resources from the 'How To Teach Online' course, Google+ and #tomooc groups, as well as adding others related to MOOCs as I come across them. My thought is to create a central resource base that can be used to help my learning and future teaching, but also to take this opportunity to explore social bookmarking .