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Advisory: Laulima Groups


Laulima Advanced Topic: Groups

Do you have Groups set up in your Laulima course?

If so you may want to check to make sure they are still populated. I recently found out that if you had included yourself (Instructor) in these groups it could be problematic. When Laulima syncs w/ banner if a student has dropped the course Laulima blanks of the membership for all groups that have an “Instructor” in them.

In my Example I thought I (Instructor) was required to be included in each group in order to “See” the activity that was going on within the small group forum. But I was reminded that it is not necessary because the Instructor is an “Owner” and therefore has permission (by default) to see the activity. In fact because of the problem listed about they recommend you do not include “Instructor” when establishing groups.

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