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The Email Game


The fastest, most fun way to clear your Inbox is with The Email Game! You will be motivated to power through your email because it is like a game with motivational timers and happy faces. This tool works with your Gmail Inbox and a Chrome or Firefox browser.

Here are a few tips to help you get more out of The Email Game. 

1. Take action on every single message.
The Email Game will work wonders for your Inbox because every single message in your Inbox becomes actionable. When you feel the urge to leave some messages in your Inbox because you will need to deal with them later, fear not! For those messages, Baydin has built in a nifty feature called Boomerang that works way better than skipping messages.

Click the Boomerang button, and pick a time when you’d like to see the message again. The Email Game will move the message to the All Mail label (Archiving it). At the time you specified, the message will come back to the top of your Inbox, so you remember to act on it. So instead of skipping those messages, Boomerang them to a time when you will need them!

2. Checking your email every 3 minutes, all day long, makes you feel like a frazzled chicken. 
Studies show that constantly checking your email makes you stressed out, less curious about the people you’re engaging with, and reduces your ability to focus your mind. Set aside time to go through your Inbox once or twice a day. When that time comes, go to and zip through your Inbox.

3. Get through more messages per session
You can customize the number of messages you’ll see per session in the Settings page. You can go through 30, 50, or 100 messages in one go. Click on the gear icon at the top right corner after logging in to customize your Email Game experiences. We’ve tucked in a few other goodies on the Settings page, like customizing your email signature and seeing a list of all the messages you’ve scheduled with Boomerang and Send Later.

Best of luck in your quest to tame your Inbox!

(Adapted from Email by Baydin)

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