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Help! My text is being overwritten as I type!


Has that happened to you? Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your computer and there is an easy fix.

The Insert (Ins) key is a key commonly found on computer keyboards.

It is primarily used to toggle (switch) between the two text-entering modes: insert and overwrite. In insert mode (most common), from the cursor’s current position characters are inserted as you type, pushing all future characters back. In overwrite mode, from the cursor’s current position instead of pushing the text, it simply overwrites the exiting text.

So, the fix is simple…just hit the Insert key once and it toggles back to insert mode.

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  1. Unless the Insert (Ins) key on my iMac is marked differently, I don’t such a key.

  2. Zeny! You are absolutely correct! There is no Insert key on the Mac keyboard. Be thankful you don’t have one…it gets in the way sometimes. Thanks for your comment and clarifying that I should have specified for PC users only.

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