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How to import your class roster into Gmail Contacts


It’s handy to have your students’ email addresses in your Gmail Contacts and organized into groups for each of your classes for easy retrieval. With this trick in Excel, you can take your class rosters from MyUH Portal, format it in Excel with their first name, last name, and email address, and import it into your Gmail Contacts as a group for each of your classes. Now you’ll be able to send emails by typing in the name of the group (class) or student’s name and it will automatically insert their email address(es). Watch this short video below to learn how to do this.

Note: You can also remove their middle initial by inserting two empty columns (instead of one) and delimiting by “comma” and “space” which will separate their first name and middle initial into two separate columns. Then, delete the column that has their middle initial before saving and importing into Contacts. Caution: If a student has multiple first or last names with spaces between them, remove the space(s) until after you split the names, otherwise it will split each name into a column.

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