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Projector vs Monitor Face Off

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The Educational Media Center Production Team created this video to do a side-by-side comparison of display quality between a projector and monitor to answer the question: What type of display would you recommend for my classroom/conference room?

This video displays what a user would see under nearly identical viewing conditions. The capture camera (user) was placed 25 feet from the displayed image. The camera was set to capture a full screen projected image using a Christie LW 400 (4000 lumens) projector with the lights on then off. The same setting was used to record the monitor image on a 85” Panasonic Plasma Industrial display.

Three tests were conducted:

  • Spreadsheet (for text & numbers)
  • PowerPoint (for graphics)
  • Movie (for motion graphics)

Based on this experiment, if displaying legible text and numbers is your primary objective, you are best served by a projector, even though you sacrifice image brightness and contrast. Displaying PowerPoints is a toss-up because PowerPoints display both graphics and text and you have the ability to create text intended for legibility at distance. Therefore, both projectors and monitors can be successfully used with PowerPoints with a small edge to the projector for legibility and an edge to the monitor for image quality. Finally, for movies, monitors are the clear choice.

Video by Les Matsuura

One Comment

  1. Very clear! I like seeing the comparisons. Thanks!

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