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Installation Piggybacker Strikes Again

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Ever wonder how that “extra” anti-virus scan program got installed on your computer?  Or how you got that weird icon on your desktop that just seemed to appear one day?  Or maybe you’ve noticed that you now have an extra toolbar in your web browser.  These additional unwanted installations could have been piggyback installations that happened without your knowledge while you were downloading another program.  When you download programs from the internet, they often come with “optional” installations and are installed by default unless you deselect the option to install.  When you’re going through the installation wizard to install a program, remember to uncheck the boxes for optional installations.  Otherwise, your system will accumulate “junk”, and it could slow down your computer, or worse, you could get infected.  Feel free to call the helpdesk at x271 if you are unsure about an installation or pop-up.

The picture below is an example of an installation of adobe shockwave player.  The big red arrow points to the “optional” installation of Norton security scan.  This needs to be unchecked.

piggyback installation

One Comment

  1. Another one is the toolbar when you install Java. Watch out for it and remember to UNCHECK the box for the toolbar. It’s really difficult to remove if you accidentally install it.

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