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Writing this summer? Consider using noise generators

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White_noiseAre you working on your contract renewal or tenure or promotion document this summer? If music is a distraction or you can’t stand absolute silence, you may want to to use a noise generator to create just the right background noise helping you be more productive and less distracted. Some people like Coffitivity, an online and mobile app that offers the background noise typical of a coffee shop. Others like noise generators which produce consistent, yet variable sounds. The white noise helps your brain relax from jumping at any little sound if the background is otherwise extremely quiet. It can also be used to mask other sounds if you’re trying to concentrate. Some noise generators (online and mobile app) are:

SimplyNoise, which lets you choose from white, pink, or brown noise. You can set the volume to a particular level, or choose an optional oscillation speed that will vary it.

Noisli, which offers white, pink, and brown noise as well as sounds of rain, waterfall, fire crackling, and other sounds that can be combined in various ways. In addition to the sounds, the Noisli site changes color, which some find relaxing as well.

MyNoise, which offers the widest array of choices and customizable options. These choices include white, grey, and impulse noise; natural noises; tonal drones; soundscapes; and many more. There are many preselected options, but you can also customize the sound to your own preferences using ten frequency sliders. It offers a calibration mode that helps you adjust the sliders according to your own hearing curve and your computer equipment.

Adapted from the full article “Tools I Use: Online Noise Generators

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  1. Nifty! I like the rain sounds. Thanks!

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