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May 14, 2014
by Rachael Inake

Google Sites embedded in Laulima

For the Leeward CC folks who use Google Sites as modules to embed in their Laulima Sites using the Web Content tool, you might’ve noticed that it’s blocked and only displays a blank, white page. We were recently informed that this is due to a new security feature. There is a solution to fix this.

To allow your Google Site to be shown in Laulima:

  1. Go to your Google Site.
  2. Once you’re in the site, click on the settings / gear button in the top-right corner and click on “Manage Site”.
  3. You should be on the “General” page. Scroll down until you see “Security”.
  4. Checkmark, “Allow embedding of your sites in other sites” (as shown below).
  5. Don’t forget to click the orange “Save” button at the top of the page.

While you’re in the settings just above the “Security” section, there is a section called, “Mobile”. If you want your site to adjust to mobile devices when students view the site on a mobile device, you can also checkmark, “Automatically adjust site to mobile phones”. Don’t forget to click “Save”.

September 12, 2013
by Leanne Riseley

How can I clear extra coding when I copy/paste from Microsoft Word into Laulima?

Do you or your students encounter this?

“When I copy and paste from Word, a bunch of weird symbols or coding gets put into my text. What can I do to fix this?” If you try to copy and paste from Word into a text editor box in Laulima and you get an error message that says it can not be posted because of the coding in the text, it is most likely the hidden formatting codes that Microsoft adds to their files.”

If you are encountering this, use Firefox as your web browser and follow these steps.

September 5, 2013
by Brent Hirata

Advisory: Laulima Groups

Laulima Advanced Topic: Groups

Do you have Groups set up in your Laulima course?

If so you may want to check to make sure they are still populated. I recently found out that if you had included yourself (Instructor) in these groups it could be problematic. When Laulima syncs w/ banner if a student has dropped the course Laulima blanks of the membership for all groups that have an “Instructor” in them.

In my Example I thought I (Instructor) was required to be included in each group in order to “See” the activity that was going on within the small group forum. But I was reminded that it is not necessary because the Instructor is an “Owner” and therefore has permission (by default) to see the activity. In fact because of the problem listed about they recommend you do not include “Instructor” when establishing groups.

August 29, 2013
by Leanne Riseley

Laulima’s web content doesn’t work when using Firefox

Firefox logoFirefox’s most recent update causes pages with mixed content (eg. open, non-secure pages displayed in a secure site such as Laulima) to not display.  For example, if you use web content links in your Laulima site, the page may be blank when students click on it.

To overcome this problem, you may either use another browser or change the settings in Firefox. If the “shield” icon in Firefox is available, you might consider turning off that feature for specific Laulima pages. Advanced users may choose to turn off that feature via the about:config page. Please inform your students so they do not panic.
UH ITS support is looking into this problem.
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