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February 18, 2015
by Leanne Riseley

Smart Classroom Survey

SmartClassroom_TeacherPlease fill out the Smart Classroom Survey.

Once a year, we survey Smart Classrooms users to determine overall satisfaction with teaching in the rooms. Your input is very important. The data we gather will help us to improve our equipment and services and plan for future upgrades.

Deadline: Friday, February 27, 2015


chain-309566_640Link to fill survey out online

October 12, 2013
by Gwen

Smart Room Cart

When using the smart room cart, be careful not to pull the cart forward as that could cause one of the cables in the back of the computer to become disconnected, which could lead to loss of video, audio, internet, or power.


September 21, 2013
by Brent Hirata

Computer Display Different than What’s on the Projection Screen

Attention Smart Classroom instructors:  Have you ever wondered why the image showing on your computer screen is different than what is showing on the projection screen?

This usually means that the Smart Classroom computer is not set up for Mirroring.   Here are some instructions done by Carleton College on how to enable mirroring ( ).

If the problem still persists call the ITG Helpdesk x271.

Technical description:  When you have multiple displays (computer screen and a projector) setup there are two types of settings.  Mirroring – computer and project show the exactly same content.   Extended – both displays act as ONE big desktop.   Mirroring is a common and efficient setting when working with a computer and a data projector.  ie. a  presentation.   Extended is a common setup when you have a workstation situation because your workspace can stretch (extend) onto the second display ie. “dual monitors”.

September 5, 2013
by Brent Hirata

Smart Classroom Courtesy

As the semester ramps up I’ve been hearing requests by faculty to share a few Smart Classroom courtesies.

  • Please ensure everything (presentation clicker, keyboard, mouse etc. ) is back in the cabinet before locking the cabinet
  • When locking the padlock please apply the padlock from the left.  This will ensure the next instructor can read the digits straight on.
  • If you have changed the input source (DVD, VHS player…) please set the projector input back to projecting the computer before shutting down.
  • If you have used the standalone DVD/ VHS player please remember to turn it off
  • Please note the campus help desk has moved to LC-101
  • Report any issues with Smart Classroom equipment to the campus help desk x271.

The following are quick reference cards for the Smart Classrooms:

Generation 1

Generation 2

Generation 3 & 4


Legacy Smart Classroom Guide


What Smart Classroom Generation are you in?

Smart Classroom Website ( )

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