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April 23, 2014
by Leanne Riseley

How to Easily Schedule a Meeting Across Time Zones

Do you use online collaboration tools such as Skype or Blackboard Collaborate with colleagues or friends/family? Do you have trouble calculating the time difference in your head? If so, try this online tool – the Meeting Planner on the website to help you schedule the best times in all timezones.

From the Meeting Planner page, you simply enter the date and two or more cities or time zones in which the participants will be:





The next screen displays a color-coded chart of the corresponding meeting times in the different locations. Green marks times within standard business hours; yellow marks early morning or evening times; and red marks times typically considered undesirable.






Full article “How to Easily Schedule a Meeting Across Time Zones” by Natalie Houston may be found on the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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