Where I Live

I live in Waipahu. I’ve grown up here majority of my life. This place is known for it’s plantations and the rich history which came before it. This is the place where it’s known for the “big cigarette”. People call it the “94 block” since the house codes begin with “94”. Everyone always teases our football team because of how bad they’ve been doing throughout the past couple of years but I believe that in the near future, everything will change. I think this has shaped my experiences because Waipahu is such a community based city and everyone knows each other. I know a lot of people and grew up with a lot of them. The environment always makes me feel at home.



Where I Found Myself


Where I Found Myself

It’s my senior year of high school. I had four years of stress, good memories, and things I was willing to walk away from. I lost myself trying to make myself “perfect” so I would be able to fit in with everyone else. I didn’t know where I was able to go, and every step of my way I didn’t know what was happening. I have a great boyfriend that helped me throughout senior year which meant a lot to me. He showed me that I could find a way to finally be happy with myself for what I had. I never did believe him and thought “church” wasn’t it for me until I started CCD, or Confraternity of Christian Doctrine at St. Joseph Church in Waipahu. I didn’t know what to expect or what to do, but I knew that I trusted my boyfriend and wanted to see how this path would go.

Finally, it’s April 29, 2016. The day I get to experience my first actual retreat. It’s Friday, and I have four classes to get through. While in my period one, my best friend Dionna finally sits next to me, ready to learn psychology. “How am I gonna text you all weekend?! I’m seriously gonna miss you,” Dionna understood what I had to do over the weekend even though she believed in a different religion. “I hope that you can find peace within yourself this weekend” she tells me with a smile on her face. I got very happy inside knowing that she knows the troubles I’ve been through my whole life.

With what Dionna told me during period one entwined into my head hoping for a great weekend, even though I didn’t know what to expect.  The day was going by so quickly, just like a blink of an eye. I was already packed for the weekend and ready to go to the church.

When driving in my car to go to the church with my mom, my thoughts and feelings were all over the place. My palms were sweaty with anxiety of knowing what might happen during this weekend. Everyone always told me that everyone cries at a retreat, and I honestly didn’t want to cry. While pulling up at St. Joseph, I park by the cafeteria to take out my duffel bag. I see my boyfriend, Chauncey, sitting down with his friends, so I go by them to wait to go to St. Anthony’s Retreat Home, where our retreat is.

After 20 minutes or so, we start to load onto the bus and head to Kalihi Valley. On the bus, everyone including me start, listening to music. I was tired from my day at school already that my eyes started to droop but I not could actually fall asleep because my heart kept pounding not knowing that would happen in a couple of hours. The bus ride was quiet without using my headphones inside of the bus even though it the wind was like roaring lions in my ear while the bus passed through the freeway. The weather starts getting colder and colder getting closer to Kalihi, I started to shiver.

When our bus finally got up to the retreat home, I saw someone come into the bus, asking for our cell phones. I knew this was gonna happen, but I died a little knowing that I wouldn’t be able to know what’s happening in the outside world and talk to anyone. I wasn’t really close to anyone at the retreat but my boyfriend. We gave our phones to the person on the bus and started to walk to the main hall. I never saw such positivity and happy people in one place. People took away my things, so I didn’t have such a load on me, and I could relax. I felt so taken cared of and the retreat didn’t even start yet. Everyone greeted each other and guided us to our rooms where we’d sleep for the next two days. My roommate, Devine, was also a participant. We both shared the same emotions and were scared of our room. “Kaitlyn, do you feel scared in this room? I always feel like something is watching us..” Our room was so small and had that old people smell that irritated our noses. After we got settled in, we walked downstairs together to meet up with the rest of the people who were at the retreat.

The next day two days were filled with people telling their stories about their faith. I didn’t feel lonely as I thought I would. I had many friends to stay with since we were all scared of the old retreat home. Being able to hear everyone’s stories and talk so freely about their personal lives made me not feel so “alone”. There was a girl who talked about how she had a broken family which led to her being depressed and when she put her faith into God, her family found a way to stay together. Another, a man told us about how he didn’t have friends and always tried to “fit in” with his peers but nothing worked and he didn’t know where to turn to. I never felt so free to talk about myself and my problems and hearing all these stories that I could relate to shocked me knowing that these were people that everyone at the retreat looked up to. This was the first time I felt like I didn’t need to fit in so hard and finally felt happy with myself and be able to make not just myself, but my family and friends around me happy. Knowing people found themselves being happy turning to church made me feel like I should re-evaluate my life choices and just trust in God the way everyone else her did.

After such an eye opening second day, it was finally the last day of our retreat. Everyone woke up early to take a shower. I went to go brush my teeth and shower, but once I got into the shower, the water was so cold, it felt like ice was pouring down my back; it made me feel so awake that I didn’t need coffee anymore. The last day of our retreat, our parents pick us up. We met each other in the main hall and started to write letters to my family. The last day of my retreat felt like the first day of a new life I couldn’t wait to start living because I finally am happy with myself.

Before our last event in front of our parents, we had to write a letter to thank our parents, Godparents, and Jesus. During the ceremony, I never felt so teary eyed. Seeing my mom made me so happy. I didn’t want the weekend to end so fast. While listening to everyone’s stories, I never cried so hard. My turn was getting closer and closer and my anxiety was going through the roof, and I was shaking. I had to talk in front of a big crowd where my mom and uncle (my God-dad) were waiting.

I didn’t even start yet, and I saw my mom already tearing. I started to walk to the podium. I couldn’t even start without crying. When I found my mom and uncle out of the sea of people, I felt so grateful. “Thank you for everything all my family has done. I thank myself to opening my mind to this retreat and finally being content with my life.” I finally finished my speech and there were people hugging me and telling me I did a great job. Never in my life I had felt so loved and confident.

Leaving the retreat home felt like I was leaving a part of me even though it scared the heck out of me. This event will never leave my mind and will always have such a great impact. After this retreat, I didn’t have the need to “fit in” with my peers in high school and I could finally stop comparing myself to other people which I already knew I didn’t need to. I felt so content and felt like I could make my relationships not just with myself but my boyfriend, friends, and family even better. My stress was finally out the door, I was relaxed, and now I could start being more positive in my life . I know not everyone may not find their way in this way, but I know everyone should always be open to all the possibilities the world has to offer.

The Writing Center: More Information


At Leeward Community College, or any college, there are many essays that are due in almost every class. If a student needs help with their writing assignments, they can go to the Writing Center to get all the help they need. The Writing Center is located in the Learning Commons on the second floor on the left side of the building. The Writing Center is very easy to access and the consultants are very friendly and students, so students won’t get intimidated by a professor. All students should visit the Writing Center because, for the obvious reasons, it’s a free resource to get help on essays for any courses provided at Leeward Community College (LCC). Also, it is very easy to get in touch with the Writing Center because they don’t offer just regular tutoring sessions. Lastly, the Writing Center gives a lot of resources that helps students and introduce them to new things.

The basics of the Writing Center is the place to go and get help with any writing assignment at LCC. Especially being in a English 22 and 100 course, students may use the Writing Center a lot. The writing consultants, which are students have helped me improve my essays whether it’s a narrative or a definition essay, they know how to improve and give tips to make essays sound very professional. Yet, other than essays, the Writing Center can help with resumes, scholarship essays, college success skills, and preparation for college placement exams. The Writing Center’s help clearly has a lot of reasons to go and get help.

When students see that they need help with their writing assignments, it’s easy to get in touch with the writing consultants. If you’re at LCC, and you’re finished with class, you can easily walk in and ask if any writing consultants are free to help you. Other than that, on the Writing Center website (http://www2.leeward.hawaii.edu/writingcenter/) and set up an appointment. There are three different ways to have an appointment with the writing center to get help, which is to have a one-on-one or a group session (up to three people) with a writing consultant in the Writing Center, online using Skype, or even by phone. All you need to do to sign up for an appointment is to log onto the website, sign in with your UH username and password, and pick a time with your choice of writing consultant along with your information and the information of how you want your session to go.

Other than signing up for sessions, the Writing Center has a lot of resources to to help you out with any type of writing. There are many workshops that are held in the center from 12 to-12:50PM that cover completely different topics. The topics vary from math, Combatting Test Anxiety, to Tips for an Effective Class Presentation. If students have the need to get help, all you need to to to sign-up is by going on their website, picking the desired workshop, and clicking on “I’m Going”. Also, on their website, the Writing Center has a “Online Resources” tab that also gives links to different kinds of help students need. Under the Online Resources tab, there are three tabs which are General Writing Guidelines, Specialized Writing Guidelines, and Success Skills which students can use to look back on for their different types of writing assignments for references.

The Writing Center is a good resource online and in person. Leeward CC students should have the Writing Center as a reference and take as an advantage because in almost all the classes at LCC are required students to write a writing assignment at one point in their classes. Having many ways to contact the Writing Center and seeing how friendly and helpful the writing consultants are, should giveet every student a reason to go to the Writing Center. Having a free resource given to the students, by the students makes it easier, and teaches everyone that it it’s not hard to ask for help. Give the Writing Center a chance and become a better writer.

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Want to Talk About Your Writing? The Writing Center

More than 270 dogs seized from Makaha Shelter

The Humane Society recently had 270 animals from a Makaha shelter in “inhumane conditions” The man who owned the shelter was named David Moore and I believe that he was not fully responsible for these actions. He is placed under second degree animal cruelty. In the past, he had called the Humane Society a couple of times because he could not handle the many animals anymore. The animals are in critical situations and in very dangerous health but the humane society now doesn’t have enough to help all these dogs.friends-for-life-logo


More than 270 dogs seized from Makaha shelter, reportedly living in ‘inhumane conditions’

Thank You For Smoking

Thank You for Smoking is about a man, Nick Naylor who is a lobbyist that speaks for the biggest company, cigarettes. The first fallacy I picked up through the movie is when Joey Naylor, Nick Naylor’s son’s mother’s, boyfriend goes to talk to Nick and tells him, “I hope you’re providing Joey with a smoke-free environment.” saying that he’s a doctor, and Nick tells him, “I’m his father, you’re just the guy ____ his mother.” which was very negative and example of Ad Hominem because he personally attacks Polly’s boyfriend because he’s not Joey’s actual parent. Not being Joey’s real father has nothing to do with it, knowing that Polly’s boyfriend is just a guy looking out for Joey, hoping he’s getting a good healthy environment without second-hand smoking.

Before Nick and Joey Naylor goes on a trip to California, Joey talks to his mom to ask why he’s not allowed to go to California with his father. When Joey’s mother tells him he’s not allowed to go, Joey asks, “Mom, is it possible that you’re taking your failed marriage out on me?” This is an example of of the straw man fallacy because this has nothing to do with Joey going to California. He argues with his mom that because of her failed marriage with his dad, Nick Naylor, she doesn’t want Joey to spend time with him. This makes the argument irrelevant because that’s not the reason why Joey’s mother doesn’t want him to go on the trip.

Another fallacy the movie presents is red herring. Red herring is when you’re arguing with someone, and that person goes off topic and brings in another subject. On the trip, Nick teaches Joey how he does his job and gives an example with ice cream. Joey and Nick talk about the “best” flavor of ice cream: chocolate or vanilla, and Nick says, “-choice comes to our ice cream, and that Joey Naylor is the definition of liberty.” Nick talks about how he is trying to get attention off another topic to distract his son to get him to think he’s wrong, and his father is right.

While going to California, Nick Naylor meets with Jeff Megall to find more ways to advertise smoking. One good example to advertise smoking was getting celebrities. Getting celebrities like Brad Pitt to advertise smoking, doing crazy things to get the audience’s attention. This applies to the sentimental fallacy because it shows that the celebrities will get the audiences to be distracted from the real message. This applies to false authority because it doesn’t have anything to do with the celebrities.

When Nick Naylor goes on a T.V. show and has a talk with the Senator, Nick Naylor talks about how he won’t have an invite to a B.B.Q. with Congress knowing that he didn’t “make friends” on the T.V. interview he had earlier in the movie. From talking about the annual B.B.Q., Nick talks about how the senator wants him to be fired for the job, then calling the senator a hypocrite fro what he does against the farmers. This, I believe is an example of the moving goalpost because he is changing the subject throughout the argument. First, they argue about the B.B.Q., to the senator wanting to fire him for his job, then to what the senator does and thinks about farmers. Nick and the senator fireback at each other for the different things they’ve done, moving the argumentthank-you backwards.

The Humane Society

From a young age, I have had dogs in my life. Hearing that a Makaha shelter shut down and 270 dogs were sent to the Humane Society breaks my heart. There is a bill to have more spay/neuter centers for dogs which will help in the future to prevent these problems. I will be interviewing my aunty, uncle, and cousins who go to the humane society and volunteer there. I believe that they’re qualified because they see the animals and know the struggle of not having resources and having too many animals. I’m going to ask them their views on the bill and how the Humane Society is struggling and needs more resources. This bill to neuter animals is a great solution to have less animals and to prevent this from happening again. spayneuter

What I Believe In

To me, to malama is to take care. Around Hawaii, everyones top priority id to take care of everything around them. Some topics I want to get into are skin care and things to do with animals, especially the humane society. With skin care, I want to ask to put marking or indicate somehow that their are products are safe to use and inform everyone what’s actually in them. With the humane society, I want to support more neutering clinics since stray dogs are a problem. People I can talk to are a family member that helps at the humane society and sees all the strays that people find and bring in. With the health products, I can ask some of my family who are doctors and know what chemicals are harmful and which are not. 5465717

The Writing Center

What I’ll be writing about for my essay is The Writing Center. The main thing I now about this place is that they help you on your essays. They’ll help you improve your writing skills and teach you how to create a better essay. I want to also know what else they can help you on other than essays and the different resources they have for help. I have set up an appointment wit hone of the writing consultants to answer my questions. Also, I would hope to get flyers from them to get more information. Everyone should use the writing center because they’re there to help you become better at writing and learn more about improving your writing skills. wc-entrance-squished

Words of Wisdom: What I Live By

Reading over “‘Ōlelo No’eau”, two lines I live by are 5 and 11. Line 5 says, “Build yourself a firm foundation before teaching others.” This is important to me because on the side, I want to be a Confraternity of Christian Doctrine teacher. Religion is a big part of my life, and I want to be able to pass around something I love. Another I live by is line 11: “Be steadfast”. To be steadfast, it means to be loyal, committed, and faithful. I can never turn my back on anyone who only has been there for me. TO be loyal and not just my family, but my friends and boyfriend will always mean the world to me. All they’ve ever done for me is the reason why I’m such a positive person I am today.

Two lines I would like to follow are lines 3 and 10. Both lines are very similar, saying that you should always go above and beyond. Sometimes I feel very insecure and don’t go beyond my comfort zone. Trying hard, going beyond, and finding out my full potential is my goal because I don’t want to be a quiet girl who doesn’t try and be social, especially since I want to be a doctor and that would mean I need to talk to different people.

Two lines that caught my attention are lines 1 and 4. Like one says, “No breadfruit can be reached when the picking stick is too short.” This caught my attention because, (by what I think) it means that if you’re trying to achieve for something and you can’t reach it, then find other ways to get there. Using the same old methods won’t work, so using other different ways will help you reach your goal. Line 14 says, “An expert is just like everything you see and learn, what you put into it shows everyone what you know.” By knowing a little, you only have a little to show. Yet, if you build your knowledge, become more confident in what you want to do, the more better you show the world.

I believe that ‘Olelo No’eau are proverbs that Hawaiians have used since the old days. They must of used these t one a good person and to help them be at their fullest potential. For a fact, I could use all of these in my life because they are encouraging and could help me stay motivated so I can reach my goals in life.

There is a Chinese proverb that says, “All things are difficult before they come easy.” This is something my grandma and the rest of my family tells me everyday especially since I’ve started college and everything is now much harder. Also, there are easier ones that everyone knows like, “Practice what you preach” and “Look before you leap” which I believe are things that I take in serious consideration everyday.



My Name

My full name is Kaitlyn Benigno Uganiza. There’s no real significance of how I got Kaitlyn but I know that I wasn’t supposed to be named Kaitlyn. My name was supposed to be Ashlyn, but my dad disagreed. My dad didn’t like the name Ashlyn because one: it sounds like a bad word when said by someone with a Filipino accent, and two:, he wanted to always name his daughter Kaitlyn for a long time. When I searched up the name Kaitlyn on the internet, it mean beautiful in Greek… Or something like that. I wouldn’t change my entire name for anything because “Kaitlyn Uganiza” isn’t a common name, nor does a lot of people have my last name.